Dec 31, 2009

Nine things I loved about 2009

2009 is closing its of course I have to squeeze in a final word.

I'm grateful for so many things that happened this year. I'm choosing to remember the good, to dwell on the happy, to internalize the blessings. It was a crazy year for sure, but on the whole, I think I'd do it again!

So, in year-in-review fashion, here are nine of the things I loved about 2009. Each highlighted word is a link to a blog post I authored on that subject. Enjoy!

Baby: healthy, happy, female

Baptism: family, celebration, blessings

Four seasons: variety, color, sunshine

Husband: provider, handyman, better half

Technology: social networking, blogging, email

Friends: supportive, entertaining, eternal

vacations, celebrations, love

Adventures: exhausting, humorous, humbling

Learning: simplifying, laughing, growing

Here's to a fresh start and a new year! Bring on 2010!
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