Jun 25, 2009

Painting pictures

My mom said it best: Garry is a painting machine.

In one Saturday and three evenings, he completed a giant project I thought would last several Saturdays. And his work is excellent. Everything looks amazing (in my opinion)! He has my sincere gratitude for this great service. The color has brightened my house -- and my heart.

Without further ado: pictures. (OK, a little more ado. To see "before" shots, check out this post, which includes a video tour of the house after we moved in last year. The first few seconds take you through the rooms Garry painted this week. Please ignore my annoying commentary!)

View from the front door.
On the blank wall above the table, we are planning a flower-photo-collage thing. The art that hung there before fell off the wall one day and shattered.

View OF the front door. And the garage door, which Garry also painted recently. You might think the brown is weird, but I absolutely love it. And Grandma Dent, that red rug is what I bought with your b-day money. :)

Another shot of the front room (it needs a name...).

The kitchen. I finally made my curtains (well, two out of three).
Just ignore the pile of paint supplies above the dishwasher...

And the room off the kitchen (also needs a name, as well as another curtain).

So there you have it.
Garry rocks.

With the completion of this painting project, we have now painted every room in the house except for the master bedroom and bathroom and the boys' bathroom.

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