Dec 1, 2009

Watching the clock

Doesn't this picture make you smile?

It would if it was a picture of your childhood home.
It is mine, and I am smiling...
...because tomorrow night I will be there.

Tomorrow night
{and for the rest of the weekend}
I will enjoy
the delightful company of some of my favorite people
on this earth.

We will laugh and shop and eat
and probably not sleep enough
{but definitely sleep in}
and just enjoy each other.


I hope to eat some Arizona oranges
and find a fancy dress with Holly
and check out Eric's new digs
and make some baby headbands
and see some high school friends
{friday. freestone. noon. you know you want to come.}
and bask in the glorious winter weather
while Colorado freezes.

The last couple of months
have been....

And I am really, really, really
looking forward to a weekend of
refreshment and renewal and rejuvenation.

While I am gone,
the boys will be in good {Daddy} hands.
They won't miss me a bit.

Just 24 hours to go.

I can't wait!

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