Oct 7, 2009

It's Autumn time, it's Autumn time...

...the leaves are falling down! It's Autumn time, it's Autumn time, bright colors can be found!

(Who knows their Primary songs?)

Colorado Springs is breathtaking in the Fall. I haven't seen anything quite like the majesty of golden leaves against the bright blue, cloudless sky. Ah....

That said, it seems that I blinked and Summer turned to Autumn. One day it was 80 degrees, the next day it was snowing, and now all the leaves in our neighborhood are wearing Fall colors. We're using the furnace in the wee hours of the morning, no longer watering our lawn, and seeing frost on the rooftops as each day begins.

And, on days like today, there is a crispness in the morning air, but the afternoon weather is glorious...and just perfect for playing in the leaves.

Yesterday the neighbor kids gathered in our back yard. Our boys supplied everyone with raking devices and they went to town.

At first, Gavin didn't know what to think about the shower of leaves that the big kids bestowed upon him. He quickly caught on, however, and joined in the delightful fun.

The kids found three 5-gallon buckets that they filled with leaves again and again. Then Zach, ever resourceful, figured out that he could dump buckets of leaves from the high branches of his favorite back yard tree.

He also jumped out of the tree to land in a massive leaf pile. This concerned his mother, who didn't relish the thought of an ER trip, so he quit. But that didn't stop him from enjoying the leaves.

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