Nov 16, 2009

Six months

Our sweet baby girl is six months old. Lexi is growing and changing before our eyes.

See how she is sitting up? Just in the last week or so, Lexi has figured out this fantastic trick! I'm still nervous about her sitting up on our hard floors, so I supervise a great deal when she is upright. But Lexi can sit up for long periods of time and loves to play with toys around her. She is right on schedule with her brothers so far. If she keeps the pace, she will be crawling in a month and walking in mid-February! I'm not ready!!

Another new thing in Lexi's life is "solid" food. (Are rice cereal and strained vegetables really solid?) We started with rice cereal over a month ago but didn't offer it regularly until a couple of weeks ago. She likes rice pretty well but hates oatmeal. We tried peas last week, which she gobbled up, but then she was up all night, apparently with a tummy-ache. Peas are nixed for now. Lexi adores biter biscuits. She wants to nurse more often than usual, so I'm wondering if she needs more calories. According to our scale at home, she weighs about 15 pounds. Her check-up is scheduled to coordinate with Gavin's two-year check-up in two weeks.

This is a famous Lexi face. She always sticks her tongue out...and I confess I love it! Lexi is an expert with heart-melting gummy grins. She smiles and coos when I sing to her. She loves listening to music in the car (a brilliant discovery; she hates her car seat in general). Lexi's hand-to-mouth reflex is becoming finely honed. She will suck on anything in front of her.

When she is not rolling across the room or in circles, Lexi enjoys being upright. The play center is a favorite place, but she is also starting to like the jumper. Most of all, she likes being where the action is. She loves face time with people. She and Gavin are mostly friends (he is going through a pretty rough Lexi is getting tough!). Of course Lexi loves to be held and cuddled. But she is a fourth child. Poor baby.

Bottom line: Lexi is adorable and fabulous and we love her! Happy half-year, Baby!
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