Jul 4, 2009

Good morning, garden

I started my Saturday in the flower bed. This task was long overdue.

Other things in life have taken priority over the weeds, and the flowers aren't growing well anyway, so I've justified ignoring them for a while. But the other day a neighbor's gentle reminder that my yard looks abandoned convinced me it was time to pay attention again.

Much like running, I think gardening parallels life in many ways. I tried hard not to think about those parallels as I looked at all the weeds and wilting vines. I have learned a few things about my garden this season (besides the fact that a newborn baby and newborn flowers aren't compatible in my life).

*Tulips have to get really, really ugly before you can pull them out.
*Impatiens do not like something about my flower bed (and that makes me sad).
*Random plants have grown spontaneously and I don't know what they are.
*The red variety of salvia don't grow as well as the blue variety.
*A good rain storm will reduce a beautiful peony blossom to shreds.
*Zinnias make me happy.
*Marigolds remind me of my Grandma Dent.
*Color is good for my heart.
*No matter how bad the flowers look, the absence of weeds makes me feel better.

{Insert holiday segue.}

Happy Independence Day!
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