Feb 27, 2009

An attempt at being smarter

Lately I've been trying to improve myself, to enrich my brain, to learn new things.
So I've been reading more, writing more, and trying to participate in activities
that use brain cells rather than kill them.

I have also been trying to notice the little things that make my life good.
For me, this is sometimes a laborious exercise, because I tend to get bogged down by the big picture and to see that big picture dimly.

But I am trying -- on both fronts.

This morning's routine reminded me
how much I appreciate
So I had the thought to write an ode, and then I wondered,
"What is an ode, exactly?"
So I looked it up.

According to this little article,
"The ode is generally defined as a rhymed poem of irregular meter
that praises its subject.
The English ode consists of an undefined number of 10-line stanzas."

Interesting. I also learned that each stanza follows an "ababcdecde" format.

I decided to try.
What follows is my five-minute attempt:
a single stanza in ababcdecde iambic pentameter.
I threw in pictures just for kicks.

An ode to modern medicine

I'm glad that in two thousand nine
A pharmacy's just down the street
For ailments young and old (and mine)
A cure or treatment there I'll meet

For coughs and third trimester puke
For earaches all the winter long

For eczema skin rashes red
A cream or salve or band rebukes

When illness flares and seems too strong,
A modern freezer soothes 'fore bed.


So, did you learn something today?

[This silly exercise was brought you
by the rambling, wacky thoughts of a mom who often feels dumb.]

Feb 26, 2009

Six things that make me happy

Here are the rules:

Link to the person who has tagged you (in my case, my cute sister Holly).

Write down six things that make you happy.

Post the rules, tag six others and let them know you did it.

Then tell the person when your entry is complete.

Here's my six:

Clean bathrooms (especially this one, which belongs to two little boys.)

Wallflowers that make my basement smell of black raspberry vanilla.

This fabulous event on my calendar for next weekend. Beaverton, baby!

This beyond-adorable dress, a surprise gift from a fun friend last night.

A girly-baby-bedroom project beckoning my attention.

Children who sleep through the night.

I tag Colleen, Kendra, Becky, Margaret, Jen, and Adri in Colorado Springs. (You are responsible for tagging the rest of our fellow local bloggers! :)

Feb 25, 2009

I really should be mopping the floor

No matter how much I plan ahead for something (like the little baby shower shindig I'm hosting tonight), there always seems to be more to do than time to do it.

In situations such as these, when my eyes are drooping and my head is pounding and I really just want to take a nap, I often employ avoidance tactics.

Like eating lunch for a long time, because I'm hungry and my children ate three hours ago.

Like ironing some shirts, because it's productive, despite being unrelated to the bigger task.

Like troubleshooting ridiculous electronic issues that my tech-savvy husband could accomplish in three minutes.

Like replying to email, commenting on blogs, and creating my own posts as if the furniture will dust itself and the lemonade will magically appear and the remains of yesterday's scrapbook supply sale will pack up and walk away on their own.

I'm really good at avoiding, and then during the final hours I'm freaking out about what's not done. It's predictable. And sometimes I just don't care! It'll all get done, and if it doesn't, well, no one else cares that much anyway.

In that spirit, I will now post three pictures that really make me smile.

I got a glimpse of what Miss Bartle might look like when we played outside with a neighbor yesterday. Gavin was enamored with Ruby's hot pink corduroy hat and wore it everywhere. Thanks to Garry, who tweaked this photo so just the hot pink is showing.

Mr. Ty rode down our cul-de-sac hill at least a dozen times on a little skateboard. With his skewampus helmet and bandaged arms (we're getting serious about protecting his awful eczema from his scratching nails) he looked a little silly, but that boy had some fun in the sun yesterday! Short sleeves in February? This is great!

And Zachary just about blew me away when he skated down the driveway. He was so tall in his skates and looked so old! He opted for backyard play as soon as his friend came out of her house, but Zach will probably tear it up on his blades this summer. For all the juvenile antics he still pulls, Zach is definitely growing up.

I have successfully squandered naptime now and still have yet to mop the floor. The time has come!

Feb 23, 2009

Coming soon to a stage near you

A Nameless Play in Four Acts

Act I
Scene I

It is 2:30 a.m. A congested moan drifts through the walls of a master bedroom, where two adults are sleeping in the darkness. The moan escalates to a cry until it cannot be ignored.]

Heidi: Garry?
Garry: [Grunt.]
Heidi: Can you help Gavin?
Garry: [Grunt.]
Heidi: Please? If I get up with him now I'll be up for the day. I'll take the next one, I promise.
Garry [Grunt.]

[The tired daddy gets out of bed and the tired mommy succumbs to blessed sleep.]


Scene II

It is 4:48 a.m. Congested coughs, sobs, and snorts break through the slumbering cobwebs of the tired mommy's brain. It's her turn.]

Gavin: [
Moaning, coughing, crying.]
Heidi: Hey, baby.'re hot! Time for medicine, right?
Gavin: [

The tired mommy takes the baby to the kitchen and considers the time, then returns with crying baby to master bedroom to question the tired daddy who is trying to sleep.]

Heidi: Did you give Gavin anything when you were up with him?
Garry: No.

The tired mommy administers Motrin and water to feverish baby. He wails. The tired mommy swaddles, cuddles, and rocks the baby, singing every Primary song she knows. The baby wails. The tired mommy turns on the bedroom lights and gives in. The baby plays somewhat contentedly until 5:45, when sounds of brothers can be heard. The day has begun.]


Scene III

It is 1:26 p.m. A tired mommy stands in a disastrous kitchen, dialing a phone. Congested moaning and a Baby Einstein DVD can be heard in the background.]

Perky Lady: ABC Pediatrics! This is Donna! How can I help you?!
Heidi: I need to make an appointment for my son to be seen.
Perky Lady: Okay! Is this for an illness?
Heidi: Yes.
Perky Lady: Would you like that for today?
Heidi: Yes, please.
Perky Lady: And the child's name and date of birth?
Heidi: Gavin Bartle; eleven-thirty-oh-seven.
Perky Lady: Okay! He's here! It looks like we have a four-ten with Summer, our P.A.! How does that work for you?
Heidi: That's perfect. Thank you.
Perky Lady: And is that our little patient I hear crying?
Heidi: Yes, yes, it is. See you soon.
Perky Lady: Okay! Have a great day!



Act II
Scene I

It is 3:08 p.m. A very tired mommy waits with two small children in a mini-van outside an elementary school. Rocking, reading, playing, strolling, feeding, and driving haven't soothed the sad baby all day. Sitting and waiting in a car seat is misery. The tired mommy rolls down car windows, enjoys the breeze, and turns the ignition key enough to play a CD.]

Disney singer: Froggy went a-courtin' and he did right, uh-uh-huh...
Gavin: [

The tired mommy kills time by laboriously texting with Garry regarding medical reimbursement, cell phone issues, and his sister's upcoming trip to Denver.]

Disney singer: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt! His name is my name, too!
Tyler: Mom, can I get out of my seat? I'm bored!
Heidi: Look, Zach's coming. Buckle up.
Tyler: Aw, Mom!
Disney singer: There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza...

The tired mommy opens the van door to greet a first-grader.]

Zachary: Hey.
Heidi: Hey. Climb in and wait for Raelyn. We're going to drop her at home, grab snacks, and go to the doctor for Gavin. He's super sick. Our library trip will have to wait until after dinner.
Zachary: Okay. But can we go to the doctor later? I need to look on the Internet for weather stuff for Share Time.
Heidi: No, honey.
Zachary: [
Angry grunt.]
Heidi: That's one.
Disney singer: Oh, my darlin', oh, my darlin', oh my darlin', Clementine!

The tired mommy shuts off the music. Ten minutes pass.]

Zachary: Why is Raelyn taking so long today? I've been here ten minutes already!
Heidi: That's a very good question. Oh, look, here she comes.

The tired mommy opens the van door to greet a fifth-grader and her friend.]

Raelyn: Hi, Miss Heidi.
Heidi: Hi, Raelyn.
Raelyn: Um, Miss Heidi, I'm walking home today with Rhiannon. See you tomorrow!
Heidi: [
Sighing] Okey dokey.

The tired mommy turns her key to start the van. The van will not start. Lights flicker, then nothing.]


Scene II

It is 3:28 p.m. Three boys are screaming and fighting in the van by the school curb. The once-busy street is growing deserted as the school empties for the day. A tired mommy clumsily composes a test message on her cell phone. At Wells Fargo, a tired daddy is on a conference call.]

Heidi's phone: the car wont start
Garry's phone: do u need me 2 run home and jump ur van?
Heidi's phone: were at school
Garry's phone: and the car is dead @ school?
Heidi's phone: yes
Garry's phone: [
obviously better at texting] Hmmmm....not necessarily a dead battery then since I'm assuming u haven't been there all day. Do u need me to come be ur knight in a dirty ol' car?

The tired mommy laughs, then composes a descriptive reply. Then she hits "delete" instead of "send."]

Heidi: ARGH!!!!!!!!!
Zachary: What's the matter, Mom?
Heidi's phone: yes please
Garry's phone: OK....OMW then but I'll have to take my call on my cell so I wont be able 2 text any more.
Heidi's phone: ok. thx!


Scene III

It is 3:52 p.m. Four grumpy passengers and a chipper daddy are smooshed in a dirty ol' car.]

Heidi: Why won't this stupid thing shift into reverse?
Garry: Let the car roll back a bit.
Heidi: It is! What's the deal?
Garry: Make sure the clutch is all the way in.
Heidi: Oh! The clutch! That would help.

The reverse gear engages. Hysterical laughter ensues.]


Scene I

It is 4:15 p.m. Two receptionists in identical green shirts sit behind a desk in a pediatric office. A pregnant, tired mommy with a baby on her hip, a crippling back cramp, and a full bladder limps in. Perky Lady is nowhere to be found.]

Heidi: Hi, my son Gavin has an appointment with Summer. I just called to explain why we are late.
Receptionist 1: We'll be with you in a moment.

Five minutes pass.]

Receptionist 1: Judy, can you help this lady? I'm charting.
Receptionist 2: Okay.

Two minutes pass.]

Tyler: Mom, check out this fish tank! This fish has a giant chin!
Zachary: Do I
have to hold this diaper bag?
Receptionist 2: And how would you like to pay for this?


Scene II

It is 4:35 p.m. Four grumpy people are smooshed into a small, un-baby-proofed exam room.]

Zachary: These are MY toys!
Tyler: I had them first!
Zachary: No fair!
Tyler: I had them FIRST!
Zachary: Mom, he hit me!
Tyler: He kicked me!
Heidi: You! Sit there! You! Sit there! No toys. Be quiet. You both owe me a job when we get home.
Tyler and Zachary: WAAAAAA!
Gavin: [
Arms full of absorbent pads from the cupboard] Mommy?

A small knock sounds at the door, and a stylish young woman peeks in.]

Summer, P.A.: Knock, knock! And what do we have here?


Scene III

It is 4:45 p.m. The dirty ol' car once again holds four grumpy passengers. A very, very tired mommy dials a cell phone.]

Garry: Yo, yo, Momma Jo.
Heidi: Gavin's left ear is infected.
Heidi: Yup. Different ear this time. Just finished antibiotics Friday and we start new ones today. When can I pick you up from work?
Garry: Five o'clock.
Heidi: We'll drop off this prescription at the pharmacy and swing back to get you.
Garry: See you soon.



Scene IV

It is 5:15 p.m. A dirty ol' car and a van are parked nose to nose next to an elementary school curb. Dusk is falling.]

Garry: Yup. It's the battery.
Tyler: Will the van really jump?
Zachary: Is the black cable the "grounder?" I read in a book that the red is positive and the black is ground.
Heidi: I really have no idea. Watch your father.

The van rumbles to life.]

Zachary: Can we eat out?
Heidi: Yes.


Act IV
Scene I

It is 6:30 p.m. Three ornery boys are clustered around the island in the disastrous kitchen, Arby's meals spread before them. A baby chokes on a banana and five-year-old sneaks bites of chicken while the seven-year-old meanders, open-eyed, through a rambling, non-sensical "prayer."]

Zachary: Amen.
Heidi: Are you kidding me? Zachary, time out. Tyler, time out. Gavin! Breathe, baby!


Scene II

It is 9:28 p.m. The house is still. The kitchen is somewhat less disastrous. The hum of a furnace and a ticking clock are the only sounds to be heard. A wickedly tired mommy opens the freezer and pulls out the chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream. A congested, coughing wail breaks through the silence. The curtain falls.]

The end.

Feb 22, 2009

Catching up on the kiddos

The old blog has been pretty Mommy-heavy lately, so I thought I'd give a (lengthy) rundown of what's going on with the boys. Warning: you might want to skim for the juicy bits.

Ever since I volunteered in Zachary's class a few weeks ago (for the first and what may become the only time...coordinating volunteering with the teacher
and a babysitter and healthy children is rarely successful), I've been working with Zach on a few things to supplement his schoolwork. I won't bore you with details, but this kid needs to be stimulated and it's not happening in the classroom. So part of his daily homework now includes writing five sentences on a random topic I pull from the air. Zach is learning to make his writing more specific and interesting, to vary his word selection, and to write a topic sentence that's worth reading. He is making some progress and I enjoy working with him. This week for an assignment about becoming the president, he wrote a few lines that made me chuckle.

"I should be President because I would find a better solution to make the earth a cleaner place to live. I would be an honest President. I would be a trustworthy President. Protecting families would be the thing I would do most."

Zach continues to be a very early riser, getting up most mornings before 5:30. He has developed an excellent habit of reading on the couch in the family room for at least 30 minutes before Tyler gets up. This is great on so many levels. Right now he's reading
The Spiderwick Chronicles #7. I just heard him tell Tyler all about the plot, and that it's "so awesome!"

Thank you, by the way, for all the fabulous comments with book suggestions for Zach. I compiled them into a huge list, which I am especially grateful for after talking to the school librarian, whose knowledge and ability to recommend appropriate material was a great disappointment. I'm so glad to have friends who can help out! Zach is pretty mad at me for striking
Goosebumps books from the Mom-approved list ("It's just because you're a girl!"), but hopefully he'll find a good replacement series that we both like.

On Presidents Day, I took the boys to see
Hotel for Dogs at the theater with gift cards they received for Christmas from Granny. That was a fun outing! Zachary bought popcorn and Tyler bought a drink to share. They loved the movie. (Gavin was another story, however.) I was glad for a simple and successful excursion when Garry had to work.

Tyler extended his birthday celebrations this week by spending the birthday money he received from Grandma Bartle, Great-Grandma Terry, and Great-Grandma and Grandpa Dent. He ordered some toy camping tools and shark figurines on (because we get free shipping) and chose a Batman play set and art supplies at Target. He has really enjoyed them so far! Tyler and Zach often color in their room before breakfast because I won't let them eat until 7:00 (I'm so mean!). The boys have also had fun in the teepee I much fun, in fact, that they ripped two of the seams (argh!!!). So the teepee is out of commission until I find time/energy to unassemble the darn thing and sew it up.

Preschool continues to go well. Tyler loves going and his teachers love him. I am especially grateful for this because it was at this time last year that we withdrew him from preschool in Oregon. I'm so glad to be on this side of that drama! Tyler got to bring an item for show-and-tell this week, and last week he took a fun snack and got to celebrate his birthday in class, so he has felt pretty special at school lately.

Tyler would watch TV all day long if I let him, and it's a challenge to convince him that other pursuits are worthwhile. I have started making him read to me before enjoying electronic entertainment. He has discovered that once he gets going, that's a pretty fun thing to do! Tyler's favorite books right now are by Dr. Seuss. Ty will read a page and then offer his commentary on the silly words or outrageous story. He kept me entertained while I painted the baby's crib this week.

Gavin has recovered from his ear infection from a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday woke up with a rattle in his chest that became an icky cough. What a bummer! We have so enjoyed the return of his delightful personality and, more especially, his consistent and lengthy sleep. Gavin has been SO happy and fun since the antibiotics kicked in about ten days ago that we wondered how long his ears had been bothering him.

Aside from being ridiculously busy and active and climbing on
everything, Gavin is in a delightful phase. He has started clicking his tongue at random times. He also says lots of funny things, like "gi" (drink), "nana" (banana), "gogur" (yogurt), "caca" (cracker), "ba" (with a short 'a' for bath), "bah" (ball), "shhhhh" (shoe), "so" (sock), "neigh" (horse), "Sa" (Zach and Jack), "Dy" (Ty), "sssss" (Russell), plus "buh-bye," "Mama," "Daddy," and probably a dozen others. Gavin can do very purposeful head-shakes for "yes" and "no" as well. He signs lots of things, too, and is always thrilled when he can communicate what he wants.

Gavin loves routines. When he gets a fresh diaper, he immediately stands up, puts away the wipes and Balmex, picks up the dirty diaper, and walks to the garage door so I can throw it away. Gathering for family prayer always prompts Gavin to sit down (usually in Daddy's lap), fold his arms, and close his eyes. (Closing his eyes is actually hysterical eye-fluttering action.) When Dad and Zach leave in the morning, he is always gives a quick wave and closes the door. Gavin loves putting away his bath toys at the end of a bath, choosing things to eat at mealtime, and settling in for story time on my lap. It always makes me smile when I suggest an activity and he sets right off to do it.

Furry friends are a huge part of life right now. Gavin likes to cuddle with anything soft, but our collection of stuffed animals makes him happiest. Russell and Jack top the preferred list, and Elmo and our baby doll, Ben, are pretty popular, too. After Gavin kept stealing little girls' babies and strollers at play group, I pulled out our shopping cart for him to use. Now the animals ride around the house in (boyish) style.

During the last few weeks, Gavin has been to many of my friends' homes as part of a babysitting co-op. I have been pleased to hear that he hardly cries anymore when I drop him off. What a milestone! On the flip side, he starts to whine as soon as he realizes that I'm leaving, but he is only upset for a minute. We hope he'll adjust well to the church nursery when he's old a little over three months.

Church continues to be a ridiculous exercise with Gavin in tow. It's probably a good thing that we don't live next door to the church building anymore; I would take Gavin home for a nap every week! I get so tired of being the spectacle in every meeting, and I'm sick of people's lame comments that "you've got a live one" and "the nursery leaders should let him in early" and "you look exhausted." Either help me or keep your comments to yourself.

On that lovely note...

I'll put in a plug for the sweet babe growing in my womb. I'm trying hard to identify with her as a girl...a foreign experience for me. I delight in her kicks and wiggles. Last night she was kicking hard enough for Garry to really feel, and that made us both smile. This pregnancy is wreaking havoc on my body and it's hard not to get discouraged, but thinking about having a little girl join the family in May helps me survive. And I've enjoyed getting some things ready, like the crib, and I like to browse the girly sections at the store -- just because I can! I'd like to thank the generous, anonymous friend that left a bag of adorable hand-me-down clothes on my front porch yesterday! That little bag made my day! Two local friends offered to give me a baby shower in April, too. How fun is that?

And there, folks, is an update on the children. If you made it all the way through, congratulations! Or condolences. I was a long-winded Mommy today.

Feb 21, 2009

When Daddy's in charge...

...the boys just have more fun. That's all there is to it!

Feb 18, 2009

Reading dilemma

Here's a question for you moms out there who have children with advanced reading skills.

Zachary and Tyler love to read. I was happily surprised this morning when Zach and I were talking about his talents and he listed reading as one of them! He said he enjoys reading because he "finds out lots of different things." While I am thrilled that both boys enjoy learning and are reading well beyond what is normal for their ages, I am starting to realize that, especially with Zachary, books at his reading level contain material more mature than he is.

I require Zach to read 30 minutes every day, so he sails through a couple chapter books a week. In addition, each night before bed a parent reads a chapter or two out loud to the boys.
Zach recently discovered the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine. He loves these books, but lately I've been bothered by some of the things I've been reading aloud from them. The plots generally involve pre-teen or teenage kids who invariably have crushes on each other. Sometimes there is hand-holding or kissing. In two of the books we've read lately, two teenage brothers fight physically with each other and yell hateful things. My kids aren't babies any more, but I don't want them to be exposed to this stuff. Zachary is bored with The Magic Tree House and he's read nearly all of The Magic School Bus books, but every one of the new chapter books he has brought home from the school library has had something I find objectionable.

Can any of you suggest age-appropriate, yet stimulating reading material for Zach? I think he's reading around the third-grade level. I'm also not sure if and/or how to screen what he reads. I am anxious to feed Zachary's desire to read new things, and I want his books to be fun and exciting, but I need some direction! Avid reader mommies, you know who you are...and lots of you have kids who are probably in the same situation! Please help!

{A super-huge "thank you" in advance.}

Feb 17, 2009


If you are, I suggest the following adventure. It's sure to spice up your life.

First, discover in the process of tax filing that your van registration is missing. Search both cars, all your files, the dark recesses of your brain, and your pride...but come up empty-handed. Wait three days until the first opportunity to rectify the {illegal} situation.

Instead of giving up a nap for your baby and yourself, wait until after school is out to visit the in-the-mall branch of the Department of Revenue.

Take a number. Notice that said number indicates you're 97th in line.

As you find your seats, make mental notes of all the food and activities you should have brought with you to entertain three children (but didn't).

Feel relieved when you see tiny little tables that will work well for first-grade homework.

Ten minutes later, make a trip back to the car in ridiculous, howling wind and while dodging irresponsible mall drivers to retrieve homework instructions, crayons and coloring books, the diaper bag, and snacks.

Return to tiny table and set up camp.

Be sure to bring along a small child who whines "eee-eee-eee-eee" at the top of his lungs because he's confined to the stroller.

Wear your very ugliest painting t-shirt (concealed by a frumpy hoodie) so that when this adventure cranks up your internal thermostat, you'll be forced to either bask in your own heat or risk being arrested by the fashion police.

If you're really lucky, a giant couple who smells like they haven't bathed in six weeks will sit on one side of you, and on the other side, a chain smoker. Adventures in smelling will be especially awesome if you're pregnant. Or an aromatically-sensitive child who likes to make loud comments.

After waiting for an hour, take a frantic walk through the mall to find a bathroom for a preschooler. Be sure to let him run ahead so you can be an obnoxious yeller and lose him to the tomb of The Men's Restroom. Don't worry when he takes twenty minutes and comes out crying.

Run back to the Department of Revenue so the nice people in uniforms don't lock you out at closing time. Pull out an "idiot" stamp for your forehead when you walk back in and see a bathroom tucked in the corner of the office.

Make your baby scream as loud as possible and dare you to entertain him. Resist the urge to let him out of the stroller; you know it'll make him happy but also turn the place into a circus.

Ninety minutes after arrival, pack up your belongings; your number is coming up.

Give two dollars and twenty cents, along with your stupid story, to the nice lady behind the counter. After collecting your papers and change, make an off-handed comment about tax filing being the red flag you needed to replace documents that have been missing for who-knows-how-long. Feel grateful when she gets up again and prints the form you actually need for doing taxes.

Shuttle kids back into coats, through the hurricane parking lot, and back into the car.

Get gas on the way home just to make the squawking children mad.

And do all of this just so that you'll be prepared the next time you get pulled over for speeding.

"License and registration, please."

"Here you go, officer."

Can't wait.

Controlling the chaos

This is what my brain has felt like lately:

A jumbled mass of junk and chaos. Like the contents of my purse (which I can't stand, by the way), the mess contains important information, tasks, tools, responsibilities, etc., but the container just isn't functioning very well. Things get lost, put in the wrong place, or forgotten altogether. The pile you see here includes four random keys that I cannot identify, ten writing utensils, six bracelets, four tubes of lip gloss...and yet a receipt I need to return something is nowhere to be found.

So what do I do when I can't cope any more?

Dump out my purse on the counter, for one.

And make lists.

This "brain dump" list is kind of long, but it totally ignores responsibilities related to housekeeping and child rearing. And it's relatively short-term, too. It covers a few weeks, maybe (hopefully). "Take a shower" should probably be on there. "Sweep and mop the bleepity-bleep floor" should definitely be on there. But I fully acknowledge and remember that those things ought to be done. It's the other things that only float into my subconscious at three in the morning or when I'm rifling through a stack of papers that I think, "Oh, yeah! I've really got to do that."

Here you see my efforts at getting a big monkey off my back. I found a white crib listed on Craigslist that seemed like a gem but in reality became a giant project. It will be nice once I've painted it, but I probably should have held out a little longer either for a real gem or for a brand-new crib.

Oh, well. Sunk cost, right? Good thing I think painting is a soothing exercise. And that I like checking things off of my never-ending lists. It's not like I have anything else to do during naptime...

Feb 14, 2009

A date with my Valentine

a babysitter for the kids: $6.00
(we have some amazing friends...see the latter portion of this post)

steak & southwest eggrolls @ chili's: $0
(thanks for the g.c., eric)

cold stone's peanut butter perfection: $9.00
(divine stuff, this is)

two and a half hours of peace & enjoyable conversation:


Poll results

Those of you following our tongue-in-cheek naming saga might be interested in the results of the Normal Mormon Husbands poll administered on our behalf. After 245 votes, the results are as follows:

Sarah Kate: 72 votes (29%)
Alexis Paige: 64 votes (26%)
Autumn Taylor: 50 votes (20%)

Lindsey Nicole: 32 votes (13%)
Allison Kennedy: 28 votes (11%)

We appreciate your participation in his humorous exercise! The Garry-Heidi naming jury is still out and probably will be until Little Miss makes her grand entrance. For now, Garry is still pushing Shyloh (it helps his cause that Gavin can sort of say it), Tyler votes for Lindsey, Zachary likes Sarah, and I favor different names on different days. My current favorite is Kate.

I keep having doubts, however, that this baby is actually a girl. I'll believe it when I see it. Until that happens, I think I need to have a boy name in my back pocket.

Feb 13, 2009

Happy birthday, Bat-boy

Tyler is five. Wow.

Despite our dropping jaws (where did those five years go?), we managed to have quite the celebration for our little boy! Before chronicling all our adventures, allow me to digress with a small bit of nostalgia: the newsletter we issued five years ago to announce his birth to the world (ahem, our online family).

Back to the scheduled programming.

The first celebration phase happened at 7:00 a.m. with the ceremonial opening of presents. As per tradition, out-of-town relatives spoiled him silly, but the teepee I made was also a hit. Tyler played with his presents all morning.

Phase two happened at the doctor's office. Exciting, no? We scheduled his five-year well-check for today because his annual physical on file at preschool expires tomorrow. Happily, Tyler got all his immunization boosters last year, so today's visit was 100% positive and shot-free. I was happy to learn he has perfect vision and excellent hearing. Since we've worried about hearing in the past and one of his ear tubes fell out recently, it was nice to get that assurance. Ty is set to go for kindergarten!

Phase three happened with one
SUPER birthday party. I broke my own rule of every-other-year birthday parties since I knew it would mean so much to Tyler (stay tuned for the in-fairness-to-Zachary bash scheduled for March). As expected, the house was all mayhem and madness for an hour and a half as eleven superheroes zoomed around. The kids colored super heroes, played "pass the kryptonite," did super calisthenics, made a human yarn web, and went crazy with a ball and parachute game. We ended with presents, Batman cake, chocolate ice cream, and green "super juice."

I felt every day of my almost-26-weeks gestation when it was all over, but I also felt a little like Supermom watching Tyler. The presents and decorations and costumes and cake and party guests seemed so magical to him! He soaked up every detail and enjoyed every moment of his festivities.

Happy birthday, Tyler! We love you!

Post script: I also feel like today's post wouldn't be complete without mentioning Tyler's special birthday buddy, Candace. We're thinking about you today!

pass it on!

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