Dec 8, 2009

Saving the stuffed bear

Remember Russell? He is the beloved stuffed bear that Gavin calls a friend. Russell has been the comforting confidant of Gavin's toddlerhood. Rescued from a long-forgotten shelf about a year ago, Russell is now firmly entrenched in our family life.

Over the last several months, Russell has begun to come apart at the seams. I have sewn him up a number of times. I have lovingly washed him, removing stains and sticky bits of food and dirt. But lately, my efforts to keep him whole haven't been enough. The stitches keep coming undone, and while I was gone, Russell's arm fell off completely. It was tragic.

"Russell bwoken!" Gavin cried. Garry assured him that I could mend him when I returned. Now, as he walks by desk and sees Russell and his amputated arm, he says, "Russell bwoken. Mommy fix Russell. Mommy fix Russell soon." Mommy will try.

Enter Steve.

For Gavin's birthday, his great-grandma Terry sent him a new stuffed animal. She knew that Russell was ailing and thought Gavin might need a substitute soon. Gavin was immediately in love. Garry named him Steve.

Steve is soft and cuddly and just the right size. Gavin adores him. Steve is a good interim friend while Russell is out of commission, but Gavin can't wait until his best buddy returns. I guess I'd better stop blogging and start sewing. I might need a miracle!
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