Dec 1, 2009

In the absence of electronics

Yesterday afternoon, Tyler deleted every show in the DVR.

It was an accident, but it happened. Ty was goofing around with the remote and the recording menus and didn't appreciate what "delete all" meant. As catastrophes go, this wasn't a major one, but we did lose a large cue of children's programming and my collection of BYU Devotionals. I was frustrated. Tyler lost TV privileges for a couple of days.

And since Tyler also lost the magnet that opens the cabinet that houses the video game controllers, this form of electronic entertainment is no longer an option for him.

Today I steeled myself for a long and whiny afternoon with the kindergartner who was forced to exist without his beloved electronics. Instead, to my surprise, Tyler has busied himself with blocks and foam shapes, creating all kinds of patterns and contraptions. What a good boy!

It's amazing what can happen when he's not staring at a screen! I am delighted.
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