Jul 14, 2009

Funeral for a fish

Moby is dead.

Our neighbor's fish lived here for less than a week...and we killed him. By "we," of course I mean "the boys."

On Sunday morning I was sweeping the kitchen floor, and poking out from under the fridge was a small plastic lid. I set it on the counter because I couldn't figure out what container might match the lid. Later, while washing dishes, my "aha!" moment came. The jar of fish food, which had been living in the window sill, was lid-less. It was rather emptier than it should have been.

I checked on the fish. While Moby was still swimming, his water was pretty murky. I also noticed several white globs floating in the water. My stomach rolled, and not just because I felt like throwing up. I really didn't want this fish to die on my watch.

So I confronted the boys. At first they played the denial card. Then they pointed fingers at each other. Finally, when presented with the evidence of their treachery, they confessed. Moby, who was supposed to eat three grain-of-sand-size food pellets per day, probably gobbled about 200 at Tyler's hand. Zachary fed Moby part of a saltine cracker. Once again, my boys were partners in crime.

On Sunday and Monday, we watched and waited. Moby seemed to be swimming a little crookedly. His color seemed to change. I did research about changing his water, but didn't have the right equipment (or the stomach to handle it). I fretted about what to do.

This morning the direction was clear. I needed to flush the fish.

This task elicited a great deal of moaning and gagging on my part. Aside from dealing with a fish carcass, I had to breathe the fumes of aquatic poop. Retrieving the fish required a plastic spoon, a paper cup, and several sprays of Lysol. Evenutally I committed Moby (may he rest in peace) to his watery grave.

My vacationing neighbor has been informed (via email) about the demise of her pet fish. She is a gracious person and I am sure she will be kind.

As for my kids, whose lack of remorse is pretty disturbing, their hopes and dreams for a pet in this household just got flushed down the toilet.
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