Oct 30, 2009

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home...

...glad as I can be!

Garry returned from San Francisco last night to a literal chorus of applause and "Hooray!" gushing from every mouth. He had quite the fan club clustered around the garage door! (To hear the song we were singing as he drove up the street, click here. Be sure to select "Words and Music" on the left.)

We sure missed this guy the last few days. I'm so grateful for a husband who truly is my better half. He is fun and funny, down-to-earth and lighthearted,
a steadying influence when my boat is rocking, a faithful provider, an excellent father, and my best friend. I'm not quite myself when he is gone...and thankfully, that's not very often!

On his first morning back after business travel, Garry got right to work shoveling the driveway I couldn't face in his absence. This afternoon he shoveled our neighbor's driveway. Right now he is putting kids to bed, and in the morning he will help a family move.

Truly, he is the best of men.

And I am SO GLAD he is home.
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