Jun 7, 2009

Blessed day

Dearest Lexi,

Today was your special day. You received a name and a blessing, a special priesthood ordinance to commemorate your new life on this earth. As this blessing fell upon you, you were surrounded by a strong and righteous circle of men, many of them the priesthood holders you will look to as you grow up.

The words of your blessing, which a dear friend recorded for us, were absolutely beautiful. We are so grateful to have such a lovely daughter of God in our family. We look forward to watching you grow and blossom.

You wore a simple white dress and tiny booties knit by your Great-Grandma Dent. You were wrapped in a beautiful crocheted blanket -- the same one I snuggled in during my blessing thirty years ago. Aunt Angie made your satin bow.

We were all blessed with the company of our extended family for your blessing. Our visitors this weekend included Grandma and Grandpa Bartle, Grandma Great, Granny and Gramps, Aunt Holly, Uncle Eric, Aunt Angie, Uncle Myron, Chloe, and Olivia. We had anticipated everyone but Eric -- he surprised us on Sunday morning! You are one lucky girl to have so much adoring family.

Welcome to our family, little girl! You have blessed our lives already.


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