Dec 24, 2009

A real-life holiday greeting

‘Twas an average Tuesday in the wee morning hours,

When one Bartle awakened and started his tour.

He raided the fridge for some food and a drink,

Then found a stray marker and drew on the sink.

Solo crimes are no fun, so he woke up his brothers.

Pretty soon their cacophony roused Father and Mother.

The groggiest parent just stayed in the bed

While the other marched downstairs with a deep sense of dread.

In the family room were scattered clothes, toys, and couch cushions,

And three costumed boys played out rescue missions.

At the “late” hour of seven, the boys were released

To the kitchen to partake of a great morning feast.

Cold cereal, milk, yogurt, and bananas were spread.

While the boys ate at warp speed, the baby was fed.

A chapter of scripture was read ‘mid the mess.

How much the kids listened is anyone’s guess.

One hour later two boys left for school.

Dad drives every day, which Mom finds very cool.

The five-year-old boy spent his morning in learning,

Spanish and art, recess, handwriting.

He would be thrilled if school lasted all day,

But three-hour kinder means afternoons of play!

The second-grade boy was busy in class

With math, science, writing, and reading en masse.

This kid who needs people is a popular boy,

He’s finding that friendship brings him great joy.

At home with the babies, Mom’s morning was filled

With a sweet little girl whose grin gives a thrill.

The pink thing sits up, rolls over, and grabs

At anything in reach - toys, pens, dolls, or bags.

The toddler is busy 13 hours each day,

Pausing only to eat -- he’s always at play.

He talks very well, works puzzles, gives hugs.

As crazy as he acts, he always wants love.

The Mother-in-charge has her chin above water,

Housework, kids, and the blog are almost all she can offer.

She used to have hobbies and projects galore,

But now she wants sleep -- just a little bit more.

The Father-at-work is a Super-Dad, too --

His days at Wells Fargo, his nights at the zoo.

He cooks and reads stories, gives baths, and plays games --

The preferred parent by far, in act and in name.

The year has been busy: a new baby in tow,

(But first there was bed rest, we think you should know);

Two milestone birthdays -- 30 and eight --

A baptism and baby blessing made the year great.

Two boys in school, two crazy sports seasons,

We always feel tired - these are some of the reasons!

But now as we pause at the end of the year,

We think of our days and have reason to cheer.

Four healthy children, a home, a great city,

A wonderful job, and dear friends and family.

Our faith in the Savior stays close to our hearts,

But at this Christmas season we wish to impart

Our love for the Christ Child, born Christmas Day,

His mission in life is to brighten the way.

Our days are so long, and often so hard --

We wouldn’t get through them without faith in the Lord.

We wish you great tidings, hope your worlds are just right.

Merry Christmas to all -- may you sleep through the night!

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