Jun 9, 2009

Happy trails

In the last two days we Bartles have been rather adventurous and exploratory. Before this week, we have been quite lame Coloradans and have experienced precious little of the beauty that surrounds us, but we have now gone a few leaps in the right direction.

To be fair (or to offer excuses), Garry and I spent last summer doing yard projects and house projects and resting from our intensive labors. And I spent the fall throwing up. Then came the cold winter, more puking, and general laziness. And then I spent the spring being huge and confined to bed.

So now that summer is here again, and because we've had family in town, we have released ourselves to enjoy The Great Outdoors. And now that we've enjoyed it, we don't want to come back inside!

Yesterday's adventures were in Garden of the Gods. Notes to self: This gorgeous place is super close to home and offers many boy-friendly climbing attractions, all free of charge! Many walks and picnics should be had here in the future. This could be doable with one adult assigned to the Littles and one to the Bigs.

Today we met some church friends at Ute Valley. Fabulous! Notes to self: Four mile hikes have never been so fun! Boys who can run and climb and explore are happy boys. Bring more water and snacks, along with a sturdy adult (possibly a paid teenager?) to push the stroller over rocky terrain. Remember sunscreen.

Somehow, this four-kid mama has got to have more of these outdoor adventures. As I figure out just how that can happen, you'll be sure to see the pictures!
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