Sep 21, 2009

The cookie lady

This is my friend Melanie (and me).

In addition to many other lovely qualities, Melanie is a prolific cookie-maker. Chocolate chip cookies seem to be her specialty. They are delicious, and my boys know it.

Melanie lives near my boys' school, so it often happens that I return a borrowed book or deliver pictures or arrive for some other random purpose in the afternoon when my van is full of kids. She always comes out to the van and gives them cookies when we arrive.

So Melanie has become "the cookie lady" to my kids. It's kind of embarrassing for me that they beg for cookies whenever we drive up, but she is awfully obliging. The cookies have become a tradition. Occasionally she'll send us home with a plate full.

Today Melanie came to my house for a minute. As she was standing in the doorway, Gavin ran up and said, "Cookie?" For some reason Melanie doesn't carry warm homemade cookies in her pockets, and Gavin was disappointed. To him, the face and the treat go together; location and circumstance are irrelevant.

But I'll bet that some time in the not-too-distant future, we'll all stop by and get cookies for the road. Maybe even one for each hand!

Melanie loves my kids, and I am grateful. I think she is a friend worth keeping! (And not just because of the cookies.)
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