Nov 9, 2009

in absentia

A Facebook friend (who is a real friend, too) remarked the other day that status updates might be fueling my utter disinterest in blogging as of late.

You know what? I think she nailed it. But after a little break, I might be ready to start blogging again. However, in true Heidi fashion, I feel like I have to catch up before I can resume. So in the interest of a little family history, here are my Facebook status updates (adjusted to the first person perspective) for the last week. These snippits aren't as good as the full stories, but they will have to do!

November 1:
did not buy, carve, or decorate pumpkins for Halloween this year. Zachary noticed this today. He proposed that we buy pumpkins for Christmas and carve reindeer and snowflake shapes.

November 2:
I have sorted through garbage, laundry, and toys in search of my keys with no luck. I will investigate getting the mailbox re-keyed today; a spare key for that doesn't exist.

November 3:
I love the earlier sunrises and will not think about the early darkness just yet.

I am the BIGGEST, most grateful idiot on the planet. Zachary just found the missing car my purse! (They were "gone" for four days.)

I am a HAPPY girl...just booked a flight to AZ!

My day included, among other things, purple sucker drool on my bed, pancake mix in the carpet, a bruised nasal bridge, and a choke-prevention maneuver.

November 4:
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a tired mommy of four children must be in want of a nap.

November 5:
I put off the inevitable for over an hour. Gavin is awake and he's not going back to sleep, so I might as well get up!

I think the ninety-minute walk might have saved more than one life today.

November 6:
hear bumps and bangs and screams in the basement but refuse to investigate.

I would like to thank my knight in shining armor for once again jump-starting the van in a school parking lot.

I have virtually no desire to blog, and wonder why.

November 7:
Gavin's marker: 4. Household surfaces: 0.

I have professionally-painted toenails.

November 8:
I wonder if a full-bleed image can be properly copied at Copy Max.

I use dish detergent on clothing more than dishes.

I think that numbers on the scale mean nothing -- it's the button on the pants that tells all.

November 9:
I started my day with Tyler's mouth-to-ear declaration that Gavin had removed his diaper and smeared poop on himself.

I am trying to turn over a new leaf on my health and wellness tree, but with two kids already screaming in the background, I am remembering why the other side of the leaf is way more comfortable.

I sent my fantastic husband on a major grocery run. (Isn't he a gem?)


A teenage girl in my ward stopped me before choir on Sunday and commented on how much she loves my Facebook status updates. She says they provide a lot of entertainment, and she can't wait to see what happens next at my house. It's always interesting for me to find out what people see through the little electronic windows into my life.

P.S. All the copy/paste action to/from Facebook/Blogger has done a number on the font size. Sorry to give you all a headache, but I'm done trying to fix it!
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