Jun 18, 2009

Things I am learning

The pace of life has slowed considerably for me, although I'm still awfully tired at the end of each day. Perhaps that's because the pace of life for my children hasn't changed at all. In fact, I think they've revved up.

My sleep-deprived eyes are still trying to see the good, and to glean lessons from our everyday adventures. To that end, here are some things I am learning.

I am learning not to cry over spilled milk and other meal-related mishaps.

I am learning that having a scattered brain means we are often late.

I am learning that despite my best efforts, lots of crying happens -- for all of us.

I am learning that brotherly tenderness makes my heart melt.

I am learning that mopping the floor is a gift to myself.

I am learning that it's going to be a long time before the scale is my friend again.

I am learning that blooming flowers make me happy (oh, wait -- I already knew that).

I am learning that starting something hard is often easier than just thinking about it.

I am learning that girls aren't the only ones who like to dress up.

I am learning that dressing up my girl isn't likely to get old any time soon.

I am learning that my primary connection to rational adults is electronic, and that I couldn't survive without it.

I am learning that relaxing my rules sometimes keeps the peace.

I am learning...still learning...and hopefully getting a little smarter.
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