Jun 4, 2012


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Instead of buying a light fixture for my dining room, I used some of my birthday money to enroll in an online class called Ordinary Courage.  It is produced by Brene Brown and Jen Lemen of Hopeful World Publishing, and the text for the class is I Thought It Was Just Me, a book I recently read and loved.  (I promise I'm not getting promotional kickbacks here.) The class is so interesting and enlightening, full of deep introspection and personal reflection.  I'm learning a lot about myself, which is exactly what I hoped would happen.

This week I have an assignment that requires feedback from others, and since most of my friends are online friends, I thought this might be a good forum to ask for help.  I need to know what you, dear reader, and I have in common.  What experiences have we shared? What connects us?  Have we laughed or cried together?  Have we bonded over mutual frustration regarding check-out lines/random advice from strangers/pregnancy woes/late-night chocolate shortages?  Are you a perfect stranger that might take this opportunity to introduce herself?

The reaction to my Mother's Day post helped me appreciate that I'm not alone in this crazy world, but since I'm a girl who needs that validation more than once a year, I'm asking you to leave a quick comment.  Please remind me of the stories we have in common.  If we were in my living room I'd offer you a comfy seat, a bowl of chips, and high-calorie beverage.  I'm sure we'd have a pleasant conversation (and hopefully laugh a lot).  So just pretend I'm passing the chips, and it's your turn to talk.
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