Jan 1, 2010

Resolution: One

I love a new year. The fresh start, the clean slate, the new beginning -- it's like a giant reset button I can only press once a year. So I'm taking a deep breath, clearing my head, and opening my eyes to a world of new possibilities.

In general, I love resolutions. I'm a goal-oriented girl. I love lists and checking things off. But in this season of my life, lists tend to overwhelm and intimidate me. I tend to avoid making them so I am [theoretically] less aware of all that is not getting done. At the beginning of a new year, however, I have to have resolutions! I have to set goals! I have to make a list!

This year I have one resolution, and only one. It encompasses my effort to simplify, and yet to expand. It will be easy to remember and yet have lasting, far-reaching impact. If I can achieve it, it will enrich my life and improve my family.

I am resolved to FIND JOY.

I want to find joy in big things and in little things. I want to find joy in my days and hours and moments, as well as the months and the years. I want to find joy in the routine tasks of life, joy in my children, joy in my chosen career of motherhood.

I'm sure it won't always be easy. Perhaps it will always be hard. But I plan to study and research and pray and ponder over this subject of joy. By golly, I'm going to learn all I can about it....and find it.

I'm sure I'll keep you posted!
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