Mar 11, 2012

What's new with Kate?

A lot is new with Kate, actually.

Kate just made the transition to 9-12 months clothes and size 3 shoes.  I'm loving all her darling "new" outfits, although she's growing so quickly I know she won't wear them for long.  (Please check out Lexi wearing the outfit 14 months of age.)  The last box of baby clothes was really tough to pack away.  Kate doesn't use the Bumbo any more, or the floor gym, or the indoor swing.  *Sniff*

But Kate does use the outdoor swing!  What fun!  (Doesn't she look so much like Gavin at the same age?)  We have enjoyed a few moments outdoors on the glorious weather days this week.  The sunshine and fresh air are good for both of us.  Kate has enjoyed a few walks to the mailbox.  She kind of loves the wind.  She squeals and laughs when it blows in her face.

Kate sat in the grass for a while the other day while I inspected the front flower bed for new tulip sprouts.  (We get a few new ones every day, and I can't help myself.)  She managed to eat some of the dead grass while she sat there. 


I pulled Gavin's old car seat out of the attic and installed it for Kate.  My back just couldn't handle carting her around in the carrier any more.  Kate is thrilled with the new arrangement.  (Again with the squeals and laughs!)  She also rode in the shopping cart for the first time this week.  Lexi and Kate were equally thrilled with this arrangement.

Another thing that makes her happy is holding her own bottle.  And opening wide for the zooming airplane full of strained vegetables careening for her face.

In general, Kate continues to be a very happy, mellow, pleasant baby.  Her favorite toy is a set of nesting/stacking cups.  She is learning to "fall" gracefully onto one side when she transitions from sitting to her tummy.  We aren't seeing much in the way of crawling readiness, which, for the record, is JUST FINE WITH ME.  

The one thing I'm looking forward to is better nighttime sleep (her through-the-night feat was apparently a one-night-stand).  But she's so charming the rest of the time that I can hardly complain.
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