Mar 16, 2012

playing hooky

The kids are out of school today.  Spring Break isn't until the week after next, so today is just a random hooky day on the calendar.  Lucky for me, the weather is super duper fantastic right now.  Even though I personally had a rotten morning, I was determined that we would ALL get out and enjoy the sunshine.  A little Vitamin D is good for everyone, but since I found out that my body doesn't produce any at all, I have additional motivation to enjoy this beautiful spring weather.

How's that for a lengthy preamble?

Getting to the park was nothing short of miraculous.  The weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth as we collected lunch supplies, scooters, and shoes was overly dramatic.  It really made me wonder what will happen if a great calamity strikes and we have to quickly collect 72-hour kits, food rations, water, and survival gear.  It really seemed like the end of the world was upon us today at 12:15, so who knows HOW insane we'll all be if civilization as we know it legitimately ends?

Anyway, we drove to Little Caesar's pizza, paid for two pies, and then drove to one of the parks in our neighborhood.  We enjoyed our feast at a picnic table in the sun.  I think this is when the knots in my shoulders started to loosen a little.  I laughed to myself as I remembered our last trip to this park.




And then, before I knew it, the kids scattered.  I whipped out my cell phone to capture some fun moments, but that quickly gave way to children vying for photo ops.  "Mom, look at me!"  "Look at me now!"  It was pretty fun, and we had the park to ourselves.  For the next hour, the kids and I roamed from the slides to the swings to the trees to the monkey bars to the basketball hoop to the climbing wall.  Everyone took a turn riding/running/walking around the grassy loop.  I took 64 pictures in about as many minutes.  The only thing that would have made the park time more perfect was having a grown-up someone to talk to (I tried to make up for the lack via texting, but it's just not the same).  But I don't think the kids had any complaints.










Then, abruptly, the kids were done.  D.O.N.E.  That's very typical of our family.  The same thing happened during our other park trip this week.  So we packed up our stuff and shipped out.  While I was putting the stroller into the trunk of the van, Gavin busted out the leftover pizza and the kids went to town.  I don't like leftover pizza anyway!


That many smiles ought to last us a while, right?
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