Mar 20, 2012

Seven months!

Wow.  Seven months old.  Isn't she beautiful?


Kate is such a sweet baby.  Don't you just want to pinch those fabulous cheeks?

Kate's milestones this month include:

* Rolling, scooting backwards and in circles, leaning over to reach toys
* Rocking on hands and knees
* Swinging outdoors
* Trying more strained foods
* Gnawing on pancakes, crackers, biscuits, pizza crusts
* Holding her bottle like a pro
* Experimenting with a sippy cup
* Having a runny nose for three weeks...and counting
* Waving?  (Not sure how intentional it is.)
* Growing into 9-12 months clothes and size 3 shoes
* Using a bigger car seat
* Taking two 2-hour naps
* Sleeping poorly at night
* Growing a lovely rooster tail

Still has a gummy grin and adorable dimples.

Still has a strong hold on our hearts.

Love you, girl.
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