Mar 11, 2012

From the boys

OK, this is hilarious.

The other night at dinner (which I made, thankyouverymuch), Gavin wasn't happy about the fresh carrots on his plate.  After a while I noticed he had attempted to avoid eating one of his carrots by hiding it under his plate.

We could not stop laughing.  And then, when I used my phone to take a picture, he pulled that face.  Oh, Gavin.  What would we do without this boy?

Gavin recently brought this drawing home from school (Primary?  I forget.).  At the top his teacher wrote, "I love Zach and Tyler because they jump on the big trampoline."  I like the ladder off to the side.

Speaking of school, I'm incredibly impressed with this sample of Tyler's handwriting.  The perfect spelling test is pretty awesome, too.  This boy recently blew the top off some reading and math tests at school, providing further evidence that he's one remarkable third grader.  I'm not really sure how we're going to keep Tyler challenged as time goes on, but we're content that he's in good hands this year.

I found this algebra worksheet in Zach's backpack recently.  (Notice my prolific use of the word "recently"?  Anything that happened this year is "recent.")  I cannot quite wrap my brain around the fact that my ten-year-old fourth grader is the same height I am, let alone doing algebra.  Hopefully this week we'll figure out arrangements for Zach to take math at the middle school starting in the fall.

We've got some amazing boys at this house.  I'm humbled to be their mom.
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