Mar 24, 2012

Family bike ride

Remember when I got a bike last year for Mother's Day?  Well, today I finally used it.  

I haven't ridden a bike for any appreciable distance since high school.  And as we all know, high school was a really long time ago. (Sidebar: One time in high school I joined my brother's Boy Scout troop on a 50-mile bike ride because I thought Young Women activities were L.A.M.E.  That was before Young Women got to do cool stuff like rappel and hike.  It seemed like all we did was tie quilts and practice dinner etiquette, and I mostly hated it.)  We also know that my appearance and fitness level are pretty much the same as they were last Mother's Day--when I was 24 weeks pregnant and deathly ill--so it was a little silly to assume I could actually participate in a family bike ride, but I did it anyway.

Today was a gorgeous Colorado day.  We set out around 4:00.  Zach and Tyler led the pack.  Garry followed with Gavin behind.  And I brought up the rear pulling two little girls.  We covered 2.5 miles in about 25 minutes.  The boys could have covered that distance much faster, but I was pretty slow on our hilly route.  That said, we all had a great time.  It was so fun to do something active as a family of seven!

The kids are already asking when we can go again.  Since I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow, I'm not sure what to tell them.  But "again" is definitely possible.
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