Mar 15, 2012

Inventions Rock!

Tyler has enjoyed participating in music club after school since early January.  Along with about 95 other second- and third-grade students (mostly girls), Tyler has learned lots of fun songs and dance moves about important inventions throughout history.  Last night our whole family attended Tyler's performance at school.  He (and they) did a great job!

Tyler was very excited before the show began.  Can you tell?

The kids all waited in the cafeteria.

A really bad photo of the whole crowd on stage.  Although we arrived 30 minutes early, we had to sit way in the back!  And I had a sad Lexi in my lap...


Tyler's cheering section (including one very ornery two-year-old):


And here are three selections from the performance: "Get it Down" (ode the printing press), "Computers," and "Inventions Rock our World" (closing number).


Many thanks to Tyler's fantastic music teacher, Mr. Hutchison, for his tireless efforts! Tyler had a great time in music club.
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