Mar 7, 2012

A dream come true

Well, I'm not a size six or a published author and I don't regularly sleep through the night, but a recent dream has come to life at my house.  Yep, that's right: I moved some furniture.  (I know, I dream big.)  I really did dream about doing this last week, and I liked the idea so much that I wanted to make it happen.  Garry borrowed some guys from a ward moving effort (after they were done, of course), and in half an hour the deed was done.  Woohoo!  I'm thrilled with the result.

I neglected to take "before" pictures.  However, if you care to visit The Bartle Bulletin archives here, there is a rather comical tour of our house (comical because my voice/commentary is really annoying) as it was when we moved in in June 2008.  The affected rooms are in the first minute of the video.  We've updated paint and curtains since then, but furniture hasn't moved.  The "very lovely couch" I mention in the video showed up about a month later--free from a friend in the ward.  We still have in a different room.

(Is it a wonder that such a rambling mind hasn't produced a national bestseller?)


Here's a view from the front door.

 This is the new dining room.

I love that our table is now more connected to the kitchen.  I love that there is more space to slide chairs in and out.  I love that the first thing visitors see is NOT remnants of a meal in the lion's den.  I love that I can see my fun family pictures from my seat at the table.  I also love that my counter is really clean in this picture.  The only downside is that there isn't enough light.  Someday we will hang a light fixture above the table.  For now we are trying to pretend that eating dinner by lamp light is charming.

This is the new living room, from two angles.

I love the new backdrop for the piano.  I love that the piano is against one inside wall (this is right and proper, you know).  I love that this room is warmer and cozier with the addition of a couch and a rug.  I love that the couch and rug are further removed from the kitchen (in theory, less food will travel here, and in practice, my visiting teachers won't have to look at my messy counters and sink full of dishes while we talk).  I love that a big light hangs just over the piano so I can actually see sheet music when I play.

So far, this little project is solidly in my WIN column.  

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