Mar 6, 2012

Gavin, Gavin, Gavin

Today has been one of those days with Gavin.  That boy has done every naughty thing, snuck every treat, made every mess, and bothered every sibling possible.  He has been defiant and ornery and so full of mischief that I think I sprouted six new gray hairs.

I should know better than to check email while the Littles are eating lunch, but I did that today, and three minutes later, this is what I found.

Guess who said "no" to chocolate milk for lunch?  And guess who decided to have it anyway?

Gavin filled the squirt bottle I use for mopping with water and hand soap and squirted it all over the bathroom.  Later he found a candy bar Garry had been saving on top of the fridge and shared it with Lexi.  He unbuckled his seat belt while we were driving and jumped all over the back seat, laughing at my inability to stop him.

Then the boy who is "doesn't need naps anymore" fell asleep while we were picking up Tyler from music club.  It made me laugh.  I didn't let him sleep too long, hoping he'd still go to bed after a 20-minute snoozer at 4:30 in the afternoon.

At bedtime, Gavin and I had a conversation that really made me chuckle.  At least our treacherous day ended on a silly note.

Gavin: At the end of this week, are we going to move?

Mom: You mean move to a new house?

Gavin: Yes.

Mom: No.

Gavin: Why?

Mom: Because we like this house and we're going to stay.

Gavin: But I don't like this house anymore.  I want a new one.

Mom: Well, where would you go?

Gavin: Someplace by Granny's house.

Mom: Aw.  That's sweet.

Gavin: Why don't you let us go there ever?

Mom: Well, it's really far away.

Gavin: But I want to drive there.  Why don't you let us drive there?  We could stay in a hotel.  We did that last time and it was really fun.  We could see Granny and then come back to this house.

Mom: OK.  That's like a visit.  We don't have to move to see Granny.

Gavin: Can we go tomorrow?

Mom: No, but we can go sometime and stay awhile and then come back to this house.

Gavin: And this house will be empty when we are gone.

Mom: Yes, it will.

Gavin: Sometimes when we drive far, we sleep in the car.  AND a hotel.

Mom: You fell asleep in the car today, and we didn't drive very far.

Gavin: What?  When?  Why?!

Mom: [Laughing]

Gavin: Why, Mom?  Why did I fall asleep?

Mom: Because you were tired, silly.  You fell asleep while we drove to pick up Tyler from music club.

Gavin: Sometime can we drive far, far away, like to Pikes Peak?

Mom: You love Pikes Peak, don't you?

Gavin: Yes!  Can we drive there?

Mom: No, not today.  But maybe this summer.

Gavin: But this summer we have to go swimming.

Mom: I promise we can go swimming this summer.

Gavin: But when is summer?

Mom: Three months from now.

Gavin: How many days?

Mom: About 90.

Gavin: Can you count to 90?

Mom: I can.

Gavin: Will you count to 90 right now?

Mom: I will count to 90, and then you need to go to sleep.

Gavin: OK.

Mom: [Counts to 90.]

Gavin: Tyler can count to a thousand.

Mom: Really?

Gavin: Yes.  But sometimes he skips numbers, and that's not fair.

Mom: Good night, Gavin.

Gavin: But I want to clean the basement.

Mom: You can clean the basement in the morning.

Gavin: But I want to clean it right now!

Mom: Good night, Gavin.
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