Aug 7, 2010

best friends

Gavin and Lexi, Lexi and Gavin....that's the way it is. Forever fated to be close siblings. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Obviously brother and sister. Nearly always together.

On this day at Granny's house, Gavin and Lexi were playing outside in the muggy early evening, waiting for Sunday dinner guests to arrive. Instead of wreaking havoc with the place settings and swiping food from the counter, they ran in the tall grass, played peek-a-boo through the mesh chair, and discovered the neighbor's dog.

One hot afternoon in Mesa, Gavin and Lexi played with water on the back porch. This would occupy some children for hours. With these two it lasted about ten minutes, but they both got soaking wet.

Most evenings, these kiddos bathe together. On this night, bubble bath was a special treat. Hairstyles and smiles came and went with the soapy water.

Now, at home, the Littles have re-discovered toy cars together. The city mat and toy garage have new life as two little motor-mouths send vehicles for a ride.

Gavin and Lexi have a sweet relationship for sure, but it isn't without its sour parts. I often wonder if Lexi will remember the torment she endures at the hands of her older brother. I hope Gavin will grow into a protector, and that Lexi will always look up to him.

For better or worse, they are brother and sister. And hopefully, friends forever.


Melanie said...

OK, I should be charmed...instead I'm just lonesome. Silly, selfish me. What cute kids!

The Wizzle said...

Oh wow, that picture of them in the bath with bubbles in their hair, I almost couldn't tell who was who for a moment! They are close, indeed.

Cumorah said...

So, so sweet.

Christa Johnson said...

super duper cute!!!! they sure do look alike, don't they?
Glad you are home and lovin' life!
p.s. hopefully we will get into our house in a week in a half.... if all the planets align! he he

Maynards said...

In one of the tub pictures, Gavin looks EXACTLY like Tyler! They are so cute.

Colleen said...

I love the relationship my two "close" ones have. It's very special! I am glad Gavin and Lexi will have each other!

granny said...

Makes me miss 'em.

Grandma said...

Oh so cute!

pass it on!

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