Feb 18, 2009

Reading dilemma

Here's a question for you moms out there who have children with advanced reading skills.

Zachary and Tyler love to read. I was happily surprised this morning when Zach and I were talking about his talents and he listed reading as one of them! He said he enjoys reading because he "finds out lots of different things." While I am thrilled that both boys enjoy learning and are reading well beyond what is normal for their ages, I am starting to realize that, especially with Zachary, books at his reading level contain material more mature than he is.

I require Zach to read 30 minutes every day, so he sails through a couple chapter books a week. In addition, each night before bed a parent reads a chapter or two out loud to the boys.
Zach recently discovered the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine. He loves these books, but lately I've been bothered by some of the things I've been reading aloud from them. The plots generally involve pre-teen or teenage kids who invariably have crushes on each other. Sometimes there is hand-holding or kissing. In two of the books we've read lately, two teenage brothers fight physically with each other and yell hateful things. My kids aren't babies any more, but I don't want them to be exposed to this stuff. Zachary is bored with The Magic Tree House and he's read nearly all of The Magic School Bus books, but every one of the new chapter books he has brought home from the school library has had something I find objectionable.

Can any of you suggest age-appropriate, yet stimulating reading material for Zach? I think he's reading around the third-grade level. I'm also not sure if and/or how to screen what he reads. I am anxious to feed Zachary's desire to read new things, and I want his books to be fun and exciting, but I need some direction! Avid reader mommies, you know who you are...and lots of you have kids who are probably in the same situation! Please help!

{A super-huge "thank you" in advance.}
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