Feb 11, 2011

PICC me, Valentine!

Garry and I ventured out for our 2011 Valentines Day date this afternoon. After hiring the kids' favorite babysitter, I dressed up in my comfiest yoga pants, favorite t-shirt, and Crocs slippers. Garry, who took the afternoon off of work, sported jeans, tennis shoes, and a Denver Broncos shirt and cap. We were ready for adventure and full of anxious anticipation as we got in the car. I leaned on Garry's arm as we entered our exciting destination: Memorial Hospital Central.

Garry selected the finest wheelchair possible (blue instead of brown) and gave me a lovely ride through the sterile corridors until we reached the oncology wing. After being treated to a course of paperwork topped with runaround, we met our escort for the afternoon: Del, the PICC nurse. She showed us our accommodations: a small procedure room with a vinyl bed, an ultrasound machine, and table full of mysterious tools. I took the liberty of vomiting before we proceeded with our scheduled activity.

Sadly, the next portion of our Valentine date separated Garry and I for a time, as Garry wasn't allowed to be in the room while Nurse Del inserted my fancy new PICC line. So he moved on to have a romantic dinner in the hospital cafeteria: a Pilly cheesesteak sandwich and a mint brownie. I dream of eating like that one day.....but I digress.

Nurse Del was a most hilarious companion. She made every effort to keep me laughing, although having one's arm invaded by needles and foreign objects is anything but amusing. She handled my tears and distress very compassionately and assured me that I would feel better soon. It was true; I felt better when Garry came back to hold my hand. Isn't that what Valentines do?

Once a chest x-ray confirmed that the catheter in my arm ended at the right spot above my heart (the superior vena cava, if you are well-versed in human anatomy), Garry and I were allowed to venture home. I had another lovely ride in the wheelchair, then waited for my "knight in dirty old car" to pick me up at the hopsital entrance.

My Valentine treated me to a five-star dessert at Sonic, where I ordered a grape slush and tater tots. We also purchased slushes for the kids since it was happy hour and drinks were half price. Upon our return home, I tucked into bed at 3:45 p.m. Nurse Shelly arrived at 4:30 to hook up fluids and Zofran in the PICC line. Then I went to bed for good, leaving Garry to feed and bathe and bed down four loud and crazy hooligans. Then he went to work to finish a big project.

Isn't that romantic?

Maybe not, but I sure love my Valentine.
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