Mar 16, 2012

playing hooky, part two

When we got home from the park this afternoon, I wanted to nap.  The kids, however, had another plan.  It was 75 degrees  outside (read: BLAZING HOT!), so of course swimsuits and water were required.  They wanted to wash the van.  I acquiesced, so the entire neighborhood (well, three other kids...but with my four, it looked like a lot) joined the fun.

I gave Zach a bucket and some Dawn and a pile of rags.  I told him that if he and his friends were going to use the water, they had better really wash the van!  Apparently my instructions were not explicit enough.  Zach emptied that entire Costco-sized bottle of Dawn on the van.  Then he sprayed a little water on the van.  Then all of the kids got to work.

Lexi wasn't super keen on this activity, but her new swimsuit is just so darling....

The neighbor kids all wanted to know what I was going to pay them for their hard work.  I told them I was letting them use my hose and have fun in their swim suits, and that was payment enough.  Besides, they really just made the van dirtier!  You can't even see through the windows now.

Later tonight Garry will take the van to be properly washed, as we had planned previously. But I got a few more smiles out of my kids--and consequently, out of myself--today, and that makes me happy.
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