Jun 30, 2008

The Twenty Year Tag

I've been tagged by Clodhopper.

20 years ago I:
1. Was nine years old.
2. Lived in American Fork, Utah.
3. Was enjoying summer break after fourth grade.
4. Met my neighbor's niece who was visiting for the summer (we still keep in touch).
5. Was going through a really ornery phase.
6. Had piano lessons at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesdays.
7. Discovered the joy of recreational reading.

10 years ago I:
1. Was 19 years old.
2. Had been married for three weeks to the love of my life!
3. Returned from our honeymoon to live in Logandale, NV for the summer.
4. Was unemployed.
5. Looked forward to returning to BYU for my junior year.
6. Was four days away from crashing a riding lawnmower into a ditch.
7. Started scrapbooking.

5 years ago I:
1. Was 24 years old.
2. Lived in Beaverton, OR.
3. Was mother to 20-month-old Zachary.
4. Had just completed the Newport Marathon.
5. Found out I was pregnant with Tyler during the above (a big "aha!" moment).
6. Was serving as a counselor in the Primary presidency.
7. Really wished our house had air conditioning.

3 years ago I:
1. Was 26 years old.
2. Lived in Beaverton, OR.
3. Spent a day at girls' camp as a Young Women leader.
4. Started a memorable two-week trip to Utah.
5. Put Garry on a plane for a conference in Washington, DC.
6. Endured a phase of life chock-full of little-boy messes and tantrums.
7. Was forming what became my deepest Beaverton friendships.

So far this year I:
1. Had my "last" birthday.
2. Have watched my baby double his body weight.
3. Endured having a house on the market.
4. Sold a house.
5. Bought a house.
6. Ran a half marathon.
7. Said some hard good-byes.
8. Moved to a new state.
9. Made some new friends.
10. Celebrated my tenth wedding anniversary.

Yesterday I:
1. Started my new pianist calling at church.
2. Got a nap.
3. Went for a lovely after-dinner walk with the family.
4. Read the July
Ensign cover-to-cover.
5. Found out our ward's youth might come over and make our yard a service project.
6. Fell asleep in bed rather than on the couch.

Today I will:
1. Finally start running again (check).
2. Add photos to this (check).
3. Celebrate Gavin's seven-month birthday.
4. Take the boys to swimming lessons.
5. Install baby gates.
6. Reinstate scripture study with the boys.
7. Hold Family Home Evening.
8. Possibly start putting brick around the front planter bed.

Tomorrow I will:
1. Take the boys to swimming lessons.
2. That's as much as I know.

In the next year I will:
1. Become comfortable in my new surroundings.
2. Celebrate Gavin's first birthday.
3. Enjoy being home alone with Gavin three mornings a week.
4. Turn thirty.
5. Appreciate the driveable distance between our house and the grandparents' homes.
6. Hopefully visit Beaverton.
7. Return to my pre-Zachary weight (am I shallow or what?).
8. Have adventures I can't imagine!

I tag: Yellow Watermelon, Yin, Jenny in Highland, April in Mesa, Kari in Beaverton, Dr. T, and Nature Nat.
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