Jun 17, 2008

Research & Development

The boys and I are on a mission to form a park-going play group for what's left of the Colorado summer. If I don't make some friends soon I just might go crazy.

So I printed out a map and we spent the last two afternoons checking out the green spaces. The boys have had a blast with all this park-hopping. I'm making notes of directions, amenities, and playtime potential so I can put together a flyer to pass around at church. People who know me are probably thinking, "Yup, I figured she'd do that!" I'm willing to do a little leg work to set up some social interaction for me and the kids. It's better than sitting around, waiting for someone to discover me.

The best part so far (besides feeling in control of my social destiny) has been introducing Gavin to the swings. Oh, how he loves the swings! He squeals and giggles for a while, and then he stares at the chains suspending the swing like he's trying to figure out the mechanism providing such glorious entertainment.

In other Gavin news, he is enjoying his first forays into solid foods and sippy cups. Biter biscuits and sweet potatoes are the latest delicacies. We might try something green tonight. He can sort of work the sippy cup, so that's progress, too.

But perhaps the most exciting news is that Gavin cut his first tooth! I had no idea until Garry told me about it this afternoon. Apparently Gavin grabbed Garry's finger and chomped down, so Garry investigated the sharp something in there. Anyway, it's the middle one on the bottom left, and it came about a month sooner than I expected. Perhaps this is why I haven't had a decent night's rest for a while...
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