Mar 24, 2012

Betcha didn't know....

...that Gavin had a bad reaction to an immunization Friday and refused to walk all afternoon.

...that the pediatrician thought that being Gavin's mother probably required medication--for the mother.

...that I spent three hours filling out paperwork for preschools and Cub Scouts in a single day (and I'm not done). 

...that Kate can say "da-da-da-da"

...that Tyler earned his Bobcat rank.


...that I found an empty box of Oreos in my secret hiding place, but I didn't eat the last of the cookies.

...that Tyler loves to help people.

...that Zach got sunburned after playing outside all day Friday. 

...that Lexi likes to empty the dishwasher.


...that Kate and Lexi look cute in bike helmets.


...that Garry took himself to see "Hunger Games" at the IMAX because I wouldn't go.

...that Zach earned five activity badges at Tuesday's pack meeting.


...that I'm threatening to check into a hotel for two days if I don't start getting a LOT more sleep.

Good night.  :)
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