May 28, 2011

Last week of school

I think I speak for mothers everywhere when I say that the final weeks of the school year are exhausting.  I'm not even what one might consider a super-involved parent, and my kids don't have lots of commitments outside of home and scholastic life.  But even this mom, who has been dreading summer for quite a while now, was glad to see today arrive. Friday was the last day of school.

Before we get to the photos documenting this monumental day, let's review the last ten or so.

Last week, Zach and Tyler participated in field day at school.  Because Lexi was throwing up on Zach's field day, I didn't get to see Zach in action, but he came home with a pile of award ribbons.  He placed in several events: relay races, dashes, sack races, shot put, and long jump!

Tyler also had a field trip to the zoo that day.  It was a miracle that the weather cooperated two days in a row for these great outdoor activities.  The boys had a terrific time at each of their events.  I attended Tyler's field day and Zach's computer share day last Friday. Watching Tyler was hysterical; he's such a funny kid.  During a break, he stretched out in his classroom chair, put his hat over his face, and said, "This is how old people relax."  

Zach had fun things to show me in several different computer programs he had learned to use, including Word, Power Point, and Excel.  He also posed with his buddy, Gray.

On Sunday, Zach, Lexi, and I woke up sick.  Garry had worked until 1:00 a.m.  Most of us skipped church because Zach and Lexi were throwing up.  We all spent the day lounging in pajamas and recovering from our ailments.  Garry was nice enough to teach my Sunday School lesson for me, and then he had to work for eight hours that evening.

Zach had another bout with the stomach flu on Tuesday and Tyler came down with it on Wednesday.  After a few days of respite, Garry is the current flu victim.

In the middle of all that, I attended an awards assembly for grades K-2.  Tyler received the "best effort" award for his class, which was so fitting this year.  We're sure proud of all he has accomplished.  Tyler got another award in class for being "brave and courageous," which is also appropriate, considering the new challenges he will have next year.  I like this picture of Tyler with Mr. Fabey, the assistant principal who is leaving the school for another opportunity in the fall.  Mr. Fabey has been a great part of our school experience.

On Thursday, Tyler practiced with his baseball team for the first time.  I forgot about the 5:30 practice until 5:27, but we sped to the park and everyone had a great time in the glorious spring weather while Tyler played with his team.  I gave my Women's Conference presentation to a group of women in my old ward that night.

Then, on Friday, I think the boys were just as excited as they were on the first day of school.

First day:

Last day:

My, how they've grown!

After these ceremonial shots, I drove the boys to school and then spent the morning at the lab and the doctor's office.  Garry stayed home with the Littles, ran errands, and worked in the yard (he earned a "PTO-free" day off because of his intense work last weekend) while I had a third-trimester blood screen, glucose test, ultrasound, and OB visit.  A couple new issues cropped up this week, but Baby Girl is just fine and we hope the third trimester (which begins Monday) is uneventful.

Then I attended Tyler's computer share day this afternoon.  He was eager to show me his own technology projects, and when we had a few minutes at the end, he painted a fun little picture of me in the Kid Pix program.  I'm especially fond of my figure on the screen.  Tyler pays attention to details!

Zachary's teacher gave all students who had parent permission a keepsake goldfish.  I mostly can't believe I granted permission, but Zach is ecstatic to be the proud owner of Darkus the fish.  (Apparently this was the fish's name during the school year.)  Only time will tell if Darkus fares better than the neighbor fish we babysat or the fish that came home with us from the Halloween carnival.  We don't have the best track record when it comes to aquatic pets.

And so begins the summer.  I think we are ready.
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