May 7, 2011

Ten bucks to touch a truck

Today we enjoyed a great afternoon at an inaugural Touch-a-Truck event in Colorado Springs. Climbing and exploring and touching and honking, all in a dirt-floor arena, was the perfect thing for our rough-and-tumble kids.  Permission to get dirty, make noise, and run around?  Yes!  We'll take it -- especially for the family admission price of $10.00!

I took about 150 pictures and had a hard time whittling down the selection to these 21.  There were lots of great photo ops with four kids and a couple dozen cool trucks!  From fire and rescue trucks to delivery and garbage trucks to dune buggies and tour busses to Zambonis and Hummers, the kids got to experience some awesomely giant vehicles.





After two hours in the sun (it was 82 today...five days after we had snow), we were ready for some refreshment, so we stopped at an ice cream shop on the way home.  Four out of six of us managed to spill ice cream on our shirts (including me), but that didn't taint our fun day of memories!

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