Oct 28, 2010

Funeral for a fish, episode 2

Remember last summer when we babysat a fish and killed it after a few days?

We just set a new record for aquatic pet assassination: 20 hours.

Well, 20 hours plus Gavin.

So....Zach brought home two goldfish from the ward Halloween party last night. I'll be honest: I wasn't thrilled. But the kids were, and the fish were tiny, and I figured a few "cool Mom" points were mine if I let them live in a vase for a couple of weeks.

I actually took a picture of them swimming around this morning and planned to blog about my new pets pretty soon. In fact, I had downloaded photos and opened a web browser.

But things got busy and I walked away from the computer. Suddenly it was time to pick up the boys from school. I put Lexi in her car seat and walked back into the house to get Gavin. The boy who had been on my heels moments before was squatting in the kitchen sink, blasting a stream of steaming water into the fish vase.

The fish were dead.

They went from swimmy and happy to fried and dead in a matter of seconds. Poor little fishies. Poor little fishy owners. {They sobbed.}



The fish funeral, which took place in the hall bathroom, was quick and dirty -- fitting for the setting. I was the only participant besides the late honored guests.

Something tells me I might officiate in a similar manner very soon. The boys (and Dad) want replacements.
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