May 9, 2011


Just for the record, an even-keel day is on my wish list.  Do I need mood stabilizers?  Time alone in a quiet room?  I'm not really sure.  The roller coaster life seems to be mine.

Today I...

Bought three cute fabrics for 50% off
but had a horrifying experience with the kids at the fabric store (we all cried on the way home).

Enjoyed great conversation with Zach before bedtime
but totally lost my cool with Gavin before lunch.

Organized a corner of the garage
but the rest of the house is a total disaster.

Sewed some darling sheets for the baby's bed
but made a nasty dinner.

Was happy about the fence demolition going on in my yard
but angry that the fence guys cut my cable line and left me without internet and phone service.

Connected with one good friend
but felt so guilty about not meeting another's needs during a crisis.

Felt the baby kick a lot
but threw up breakfast and had heartburn all evening.

Spent some wonderful time in the scriptures
but not enough time nurturing my kids.

Ah, the ups and downs of life....
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