May 17, 2011

Father and son fun

For various reasons, Garry and the boys did not attend our church's annual Fathers & Sons camp-out this year.  Instead, they stayed home for some indoor fun...and even included Lexi!  I spent a quiet evening in bed, listening to Mormon Channel Conversations and plugging away at Tyler's memory book on the computer.  Occasionally I drifted downstairs to see what was prompting all the laughter (and also to take pictures).

Daddy cooked frozen pizzas for dinner, which everyone ate picnic-style in the basement.  That by itself was quite a treat! 

Garry produced ice cream sandwiches for dessert, and then everyone watched the movie "Ramona and Beezus."  It's one of Gavin's favorite shows, although since being introduced to Ramona, he struggles to say Moroni (the Book of Mormon prophet) properly during scripture study.  He calls him "Ramoni" instead.

At bed time, which happened around 10:00 (even for the Littles), Garry and the boys constructed the sleeping arrangement below.  Lexi came up to cuddle with me and was asleep in about two minutes.  Garry slept on the couch.  And fun was had by all!

The one component of the Fathers & Sons camp-out that the boys were loathe to miss was roasting marshmallows and making S'mores.  On Sunday we enjoyed this activity as a family.  Because the weather was so cold and blustery, we roasted the [giant] mallows over the stove.  Are we city slickers or what?  The boys had a blast, and, of course, made an ooey-gooey mess.

What would Fathers & Sons weekend be without a few messy kids?  At least this version of a camp-out involved a lot less laundry!
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