May 8, 2011

Flowers for Mother's Day

I mentioned to a group of friends the other day that I feel so lucky to be living my dream.  You know -- wonderful husband, happy marriage, five beautiful kids -- the dream!  One of my friends chuckled and said she was glad that my life is what I always dreamed of having.  Her comment made me pause in that moment, and I have been thinking about that moment all week.  I don't take time often enough to really think about what a blessing it is to have this life.  I really do have everything I ever wanted and ought to spend more time being grateful instead of complaining about what I lack.

The other day my tulips started to bloom.  We have had a super cold winter and the tulips have had a rather pathetic showing this year.  As we pulled out of the driveway for church this morning, I saw four yellow tulip blooms standing amongst their less mature and vibrant neighbors.  Did I appreciate the blooms?  No.  I sighed and said to Garry, "Man, the tulips are so disappointing."  I could only see the plants that haven't flowered yet and the bare spots of dirt where dormant bulbs never broke the surface.

And so today, on Mother's Day, I am seeing the good in my life.  I am expressing my gratitude for the opportunity to be a mother.  It's an opportunity I didn't always know I would have, and a role I haven't always appreciated.  It is an experience that has tested me, refined me, shaped me, and taught me more than I ever expected. Being a mother is a gift and a blessing and a humbling responsibility.  To my children, Zachary Todd, Tyler James, Gavin Drew, Alexis Paige, and sweet Baby Girl: I love you.  To Garry and to God: Thank you for giving these precious souls to me, albeit for just a short time, that we may learn and grow and blossom together.


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