May 6, 2011

Two little monkeys

On Christmas morning, Gavin found a barrel of monkeys in his stocking.  They sat quietly in the game closet until recently, when Gavin rediscovered them and started hanging them all around the house.  One day this week he showed Lexi his expert hook-n-hang methods.  Then they chose as their personal mission the task of finding red monkey homes in every room in the house.

Lexi loves this little potty.  It makes the perfect seat when scribbling on the wall...and washing it off.

She has also been experimenting with the big potty.  For the girl with erratic bowel habits, this might be a good solution...but only when it's her idea.  Hopefully in a year.

Gavin created a new entrance/exit to the house through the front window screen.  He turned a tiny tear into a gaping hole.  Guess what's on our Home Depot list?

Lexi loves Band-Aids.  She gets sympathy pains when someone else gets hurt.  Hello Kitty helps her feel better, I guess.  Band-Aids that last more than two minutes have super powers.

Gavin and Lexi like to wear each others' bibs.  Pretty silly.  This boy also adores his "name song," which goes like this (to the tune of the B-I-N-G-O song:

There was a boy who was so cute
And Gavin was his name-o
G-a-v-i-n, G-a-v-i-n, G-a-v-i-n,
And Gavin was his name-o.

Note: Gavin prefers to insert "handsome" in place of "cute."

Last night Garry and I determined that Baby 5 will sleep in the pack-and-play in the office.  We'll store her things in plastic drawers until the girls are big enough to share Lexi's room.  Our children are generally bad (and light) sleepers, so I am hesitant to bunk a baby with anyone who currently sleeps through the night.  Anyway, we found some pack-and-play sheets at the store last night, and this morning I wanted to try them on.  After setting it up, Gavin and Lexi became obsessed with the pack-and-play.  Eventually Garry wheeled it into the living room, where Lexi has been watching cartoons ever since.  Oh, wait -- she just climbed out.  Excellent.  

Later I measured the pack-and-play, thinking I could make sheets cheaper than the ones I bought.  Then I measured the office to determine the best furniture arrangement with the pack-and-play.  Gavin stole the measuring tape and started measuring things around the house. Now he is climbing in and out of the pack-and-play.  I don't need a barrel of monkeys to have apes in my house!
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