May 20, 2011

1 lb 12 oz

I have been going to OB appointments every week or two for the last couple of months to check on Baby's growth and to make sure pre-term labor isn't imminent.  Today was the last in this series of visits, which means good news!  Baby's growth is right on track for 25 weeks, 4 days.  She looks healthy and strong, with a heart rate of 150 and a current estimated weight of 1 pound, 12 ounces.  I have lots and lots of ultrasound photos of our little sweetie, but I especially like today's profile shot.  *Sigh*  Love her.  

Everyone, including my doctor, asks how I am feeling as I approach the third trimester.  This is becoming a bit of a game for me.  When I answer honestly (I feel lousy!), people act like they don't really want to know.  They think I should feel great by now, and of course I definitely agree.  So I'm debating the merits of lying (to make small talk simpler) versus being honest (and making people uncomfortable).  I try not to dwell on my issues, but it's hard for me to pretend that I feel fantastic.  Is that wrong?  I'm wondering if this is a case where realism isn't really practical.

The other thing people seem curious about is the baby's name.  We have made absolutely no progress on this score.  I suppose we will eventually, but at the moment all discussions lead to the same conclusion: an impasse.  We just might have a Random Citizen in the family.
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