May 20, 2011

Body surfing

At noon today, the Littles had eaten lunch and were watching a TV show.  We had about 20 minutes before we needed to get in the car and pick up a babysitter.  I had plans to attend a couple of end-of-year events at the school while the Littles napped.  Since they were clean and full and happily occupied, I figured I had just enough time to post a little ditty about Baby 5 on this here blog.

The post took ten minutes to construct.  I hit "publish" and then went out to collect Gavin and Lexi for our car trip.  I had been listening to them laughing in the living room and had warm fuzzies about how well they played together.

That's when a reality check hit me squarely in the nose.  One step out of the office, the only thing I could smell was bananas.  Another step and the only thing I could see was a boy covered in bananas.  Another step revealed a table covered in bananas.  And then a little girl covered in bananas.

The boy was naked except for Toy Story underpants and navy blue Crocs.  Every inch of his being was smeared with sticky, gooey, yellow bits of banana mush.  He gleefully demonstrated how this skin covering made body surfing on the table possible.  It was true; the slippery surface made for a pretty fun ride!  Even Lexi, though fully clothed, had joined in the fun.

So what did I do?  

Well, first I stood in a dazed stupor.  Then I laughed.  Then I cried a little because I hate being late more than just about anything, and I knew this little incident was going to make me late.  Then I grabbed the camera and took two documentary photos (which don't nearly do justice to the scene), and then I put two naughty monkey children in the bath tub.

Gavin and Lexi didn't really appreciate being stripped and washed off in such a brusque and hurried fashion, but I didn't really appreciate my invitation to that particular party, either.  I guess we're even.

I didn't wash the kids' hair, and I didn't clean up the kitchen.  As quickly as humanly possible I got those kids in the car, plucked the babysitter from her front porch, returned home, and put the kids in bed.  Then I zoomed off to the school, giving the babysitter instructions to ignore the mess.  But you know what?  She cleaned it all up while I was gone.  What an angel.  I should employ her services more often.
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