May 14, 2011

Summer buzz

Yesterday after school I cornered the boys for kitchen hair cuts.  I've been wanting to get my hands on their shaggy heads for weeks.  I just knew that 20 minutes of clipping could help that twitch in my eye go away.  Sadly, the boys weren't interested in a trim.  They had "buzz or nothing" attitudes, and frankly, I can live with the compromise.  Zach wanted a razor shave, which spawned some interesting discussion while I employed the clippers in a less extreme manner.

Zach and Tyler have just two weeks of school left before the summer break.  I have long been dreading this summer, which conveniently coincides with my third trimester.  I want the summer to be fun and memorable for the kids, but I am physically limited and emotionally spent.  I don't have unlimited financial resources, either.  I'm hoping some of you might be able to offer your ideas for structure, education, and entertainment as we face 11 weeks of 24/7 family togetherness.

What works for you?
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