May 10, 2011


Gavin: Hey Dad, what's that nipple on your neck?
Garry: That's my Adam's apple.
Gavin: Are those pictures of Jesus?
Heidi: Yes.  I'm using them for my Sunday School lesson.
Gavin: Do you love Jesus?
Heidi: Oh yes, I do love Jesus.  Do you?
Gavin: I love Jesus.  I love when He saves me.  When I choke on pennies in my room, he saves me.
Gavin: What are those thingies?
Heidi: Those are sheets for the new baby's crib.
Gavin: Oh!  Was the baby borned yet?
Heidi: Do you like running?
Gavin: Yes!  I love running on the track.
Heidi: Are you going to be a runner when you get bigger?
Gavin: Yes!
Heidi: What else are you going to do when you get bigger?
Gavin: I'm going to teach people how to be reverent.
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