May 4, 2011

That's gonna leave a mark

It's been a bad day for owies at our house.  Gavin's were superficial but required plenty of TLC.  Gavin calls hydrogen peroxide "brown water" because it is dispensed from a brown bottle.  Hopefully time and Toy Story Band-aids will heal his wounds.

As I looked at this sad little picture for the first time, I had the fervent wish that all of my children's wounds could be so small and easily fixed.  Emotional road rash is a much uglier beast.  I wish I could protect their little hearts from the big bad world and keep them in the "kiss it better" realm of experience for a long time.  I kind of wish I was still in that realm.  *Sigh....*

But I digress.

At the breakfast table this morning, Garry reached for a gallon of milk and groaned in pain.  The shelf-building shoulder strain that had completely disappeared suddenly returned with a vengeance.  He was in so much pain this morning that he could hardly dress for the day.  He saw a doctor who doesn't think there is permanent damage, but Garry is completely miserable.  On the way home from work he bought a sling to immobilize his arm.

Ouch.  All this makes the return of vomiting not seem quite so bad. 
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