May 18, 2011

Three of my heroes

This afternoon Garry and I met with three fantastic teachers at our boys' elementary school.  These women have created an incredible school year for Zach and Tyler, and, by extension, for us.  Of course these teachers were just three players in an army of teachers and administrators who made the year great, but we especially appreciated and valued these fine ladies' contributions over the last nine months.

Tyler's first grade teacher has made heroic efforts this year to teach and challenge him.  Early in the school year she recognized special potential in him and made it her mission to nurture his growth and development.  She has gone above and beyond the normal scope of her job in providing personalized learning experiences that have been so perfect for Tyler.  In addition, she loves our boy and he loves her.  That is so apparent in watching them interact.  We are grateful for her service to Tyler and for the special bond that they share.

The Talented and Gifted (TAG) coordinator has been another fantastic champion for both Zachary and Tyler.  She has spent hours evaluating, teaching, and coaching Tyler one-on-one.  She has provided enriching learning opportunities for Zach through the TAG program, and also volunteered her time to coach Zach's chess club.  She has also championed important changes for Zach's accelerated math program next year.  We truly appreciate the time and effort she regularly spends on our boys' unique needs and feel privileged to have such a wonderful advocate in our corner.

This year Zachary's classroom teacher was also Tyler's reading teacher.  It has been great for us to have not one, but two teachers who are able to give us insights on both of our children at once!  She is such an energetic and FUN teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  We look forward to a continued relationship with her.

These three amazing women have been a big part of our lives this year as we have been making the decision to have Tyler attend third grade next year.  When Tyler's first grade teacher approached us with this idea at October conferences, we were stunned and overwhelmed, but through the intervening months, we have come to realize that this is the best choice for Tyler.  Tyler has done lots of testing that indicates the merit of this decision, but ultimately the peace that came after prayerful consideration sealed the deal.  With Tyler's first grade teacher and the TAG coordinator preparing him all year and Zach's third grade teacher waiting to welcome Tyler next year, we are confident that Tyler is set up for success.  We are so proud of Zach and Tyler for their amazing accomplishments this year and feel humbled at the responsibility of raising them.

Tonight we went out to dinner to celebrate the conclusion of a successful, happy school year.  (School doesn't officially end until next week, and I might have been feeling exceptionally nauseated and lazy when the boys suggested dinner out, so it wasn't hard to find a fun excuse.)  

Afterward, we ran from the restaurant in pouring rain and giggled about soaking clothes and wet balloons all the way home.  What a lovely afternoon.
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