Aug 16, 2010

Day One

The first day of school has come and gone.

The boys thought it was awesome. Woohoo!!

Before school, we took our traditional shots outside.
The boys were pretty giddy with excitement. This is the best photo.

Here's my third grader whose feet and hands are the same size as mine,
and my first-grader whose smile resembles a jack-o-lantern.
Cute kids.

The Littles had to be included in the photo-op, bed-head, pajamas, attitude, and all.

The boys both got lunches sealed with a kiss in their new boxes.

And then they were off. Carpool only lasted one day, but hey -- it was fun for a bit.

Back at home, Gavin and I spent some time with paper, crayons, and the letter A.

This is how Lexi spent that time.

Although the rest of my day was completely c.r.a.z.y, this particular chunk was great.

It should be a good year.


angieinpink said...

ahhh! your bangs are TDF!!!!!

cute, cute kiddos you have. i love first day shots.

and ty's jack-o-lantern-ness is priceless. cutest face.

The Wizzle said...

I *love* your hair. Love! It's so cute!

I hope things settle down a little bit. Glad the first day went well though!

Reynolds Family said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but your hair is darling!

granny said...

Cute pictures! Cute kids, and I love your hair.

shaina said...

So what happened on the cuh-ra-zy day?

The Cushing Family said...

Wish Carter were there starting at AEES with Tyler. I feel sad knowing they won't be together this year.

that's what she said...

several things...

-so glad their first day of school went well.
-LOVE your bangs and Lexi's shoes.
-and that's awesome that gavin is doing the letter worksheets!

Colleen said...

The boys look so excited for the first day. Tyler in the first picture...awesome. Lunch box napkin letters are the best. I do them for my boys, just like my mom used to do them for me. :)

Grandma said...

Cute pics! The boys look happy to be starting school. I love Tyler's jack-o-lantern mouth. Looks like the littles are having fun too.

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