May 11, 2011

Adventures in sewing

My forays into the world of sewing have become fewer and farther between, but whenever I dust off my sewing machine, I remember how much I enjoy creating and fixing things. This week I pulled out the machine to sew a few girly sheets for the very masculine pack-n-play that will sleep our baby girl. This is the collection, including one sheet on the "mattress":

...and the five finished, folded sheets on top of the ugly boy pattern they will be covering.  It turns out I'm too cheap to buy the cutest fabric, because then the homemade sheets would be more expensive than the store-bought sheets, and that's just ridiculous.  But what I made is cuter than I what I could buy, for half the price.  I am satisfied.  One night while I was serging around the edges of the sheets, Zach sat down beside me and asked question after question about what I was doing.  That was fun conversation, even if he was mostly interested in sewing mechanics.

The pink flannel with stars and moons is fabric I've had since I was learning to sew in 2000.  This week, when I pulled it out to finally use, I didn't have enough material for two sheets, or for one sheet and a blanket top, or even for two sides of a blanket (not really sure why I bought the amount I did), so I made a sheet and four burp cloths with the coordinating yellow flannel I also had on hand.  They will be cuter when washed, since the edges will curl and fray.  I have more burp cloths than I will ever need, so these will be baby shower gifts.

With my rotary cutter and mat already out, I decided to tackle a project I've had in the works since August: making Lexi a tutu.  Voila!  The vast bolt of gifted purple tulle has been returned to its rightful owner, and another project is off my list...just in time for Lexi's birthday!

Then I band pull in the middles of Lexi's curtains, which give them a more interesting shape and let a lot more light into her bedroom.  I was glad to find the curtain fabric remnants in my stash so I could create this quick and easy fix for something that's been bugging me for a while.

Lexi took it upon her self to create this lovely and colorful mess while I was sewing:

With the sewing machine out, I also mended several things, including two pairs of Gavin's footie jammies (I replaced the feet bottoms in his favorite pair; he is thrilled); Zach's and Tyler's watch bands; Lexi's tights, and three bibs.  Now I am gearing up for Lexi's birthday, which is next Monday, and another creative project involving these borrowed items:

Stay tuned!
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