May 16, 2011

Lexi Lou turns two

Miss Lexi, today is your second birthday.  When we woke up to fog and drizzling rain, I immediately remembered the day you were born.  It was also a "Portland day."  But unlike two years ago, today the clouds burned off, the air warmed up, and a spring day as bright as your personality bloomed.

The family gathered early to watch you open your presents.  You were so excited; you had seen the stash of brightly-wrapped packages in my closet and had a hard time waiting for your birthday to come!  You ripped open the boxes with gusto.  When an item could be worn, you put it on.  You had quite a few accessories by the time the last piece of wrapping paper fell.  You received several fun toys from immediate and extended family members, including a scooter, a little play kitchen, a hopper ball, a watering can, and a baby doll.  Surprisingly, the breakout hit of the day was a little bell that we fastened to your scooter.  You rang it all day long.

I attempted to take some pictures of you to commemorate your big day.  Capitalizing on clean clothes and freshly fixed hair didn't ensure your ability to hold still or smile on cue.  Gavin was one of many distractions.  I suppose not getting the perfect picture is just part of life!  You are still a darling little pixie.

At two, you definitely have some favorite things.  They include:
  • Washing your hands
  • Taking off your clothes
  • Drinking milk
  • Doing everything yourself (and re-doing things that are done for you)
  • Climbing out of your crib
  • Singing the ABC song, "I am a Child of God," "Leo the Lion," and your name song
  • Playing outside with Gavin and the neighbor kids
  • Playing with water in the bathroom sink
  • Swinging, sliding, and climbing
  • Cuddling in Mommy's bed
  • Going to the store (but not riding in the cart)
Here's a short video of you singing the ABC song, which Daddy took the other day while I was driving.  The car is your favorite place to sing.

I think you did everything on your favorites list today.  Today you and Gavin also spilled two pounds of blueberries and set a kitchen towel on fire, but a day in our house always includes something like that.  Like most days, you hardly ate a bite of your dinner.  You were far too busy climbing in and out of your booster seat, buckling and unbuckling the safety strap, running laps around the table, searching for something you wanted, and in general being crazy.  That was your pattern.  You did peel your own Clementine and eat it, which was required before you could feast on your butterfly "tuptake" for dessert.  We sang a few rounds of "Happy Birthday" and you sang along before blowing out your candles.

After you were in your crib for the night, I heard you singing the birthday song to yourself: "Happy birfday to Lexi...happy birfday to Lexi...."  You are so adorable.

Happy birthday, my dear little girl.  I love you!
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